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Have a Remote Car Starter / Valet Remote Start System Installed in your Vehicle by Professionals

Don't be fooled by a cheap remote starter that doesn't have the range to start from across a parking lot or through your front door. We've tested and tried these and know what to expect. Give us a call and we'll make sure you get the right remote for your needs.

Car Starter Integration - Remote Start Accessory

  • Valet Car Starter adds keyless entry
  • Separate car door lock and car door unlock buttons
  • Car Start and Car Stop button
  • Trunk button
  • Remote Car Starter Fobs have a range of 3000 feet to 1 mile
  • Option to add additional Shock Sensor Alarm System
  • Drone Mobile App
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Compustar RF-P WG7-SP 
This starter adds keyless entry, separate lock/unlock buttons, a start/stop button, and a trunk button. It has a range of up to 3,000 feet.


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  • Toyota VW Scion:                716-836-4600 ext.249
  • Mazda Kia:                            716-839-9600 ext.257
  • Lexus:                                      716-839-4600 ext.223
  • Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram:  716-692-7000 ext.216
  • Hyundai Subaru:                   716-835-8500 ext.210
  • Volvo Land Rover Porsche:  716-633-4000 ext.216

  • We Carry Only the best Remote Car Starters.